Dennis the Nomad

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This is the personal website of Dennis Draheim, a/k/a Dennis the Nomad. It exists primarily as a repository for the poems I've written over the past few years while travelling the USA in my converted Ford Transit camper van. [Whether they are deserving of this preservation I leave to the opinions of the reader.]

Does this site look primitive? That's by design. Here you will find no Javascript, no constantly loading videos, no popups, no ads. I find the modern Web to be bloated, slow, and with a very low signal-to-noise ratio. This site's design is a reaction to that trend.

This site is also available via Gopher at [gopher://].

Other sites that may be of interest:

My travel blog on Tumblr (inactive since 2019)

Milwaukee Makerspace, a cool place to make stuff (member since 2012)

Music and Mind Camp, an enduring nomadic neighborhood of friends (member since 2019)