Dennis the Nomad

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Minimalism's a beautiful vision:
Eliminate greedful obsessions!
But try as I may, I just can't find a way
To get rid of my most prized possessions.

If I were to rate my belongings by weight,
Fully half would be made up of books.
And that's after I shed most of those I had read - 
Don't give me those self-righteous looks!

Hell, I built out a trailer with shelves just to carry
My readings wherever I roam.
When I got a new place, I unpacked them posthaste!
Without them it wouldn't be home.

Now I hear you opine, "Just buy 'em online!
You can keep all your books on your phone!"
Your point is quite plain, but I'll try to explain:
It's more than just bits that I own.

See, when I read on Kindle, my interest dwindles;
The experience isn't the same.
I grew up with Books - of real paper, not Nooks,
So maybe my age is to blame.

I like feeling a link with the paper and ink,
Something tangible, not made of lights.
I love reading a page that has faded with age,
Weighed in ounces, not kilobytes.

Though a minimal life could eliminate strife,
It's possible that I'm a hoarder.
But my library's open, and I'm fervently hopin'
You'll put up with my mental disorder.