Dennis the Nomad

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Cool Earth, Warm Sun

I think I’d like to be a stone, sitting on a hill.
I’d witness time go speeding on, while I remained quite still.
And if dislodged by careless foot, I’d roll to some new place,
And savor cool earth ‘neath my back, and warm sun on my face.

Or maybe I could be a tree, stretching to the sky.
With rain and sunlight feeding me, I’d watch the world go by.
And if wild lightning scarred my flank, or fire scorched my base,
I’d still have cool earth ‘neath my roots, and warm sun on my face.

Or maybe I could be a stream, flowing to the sea.
I’d let each day’s events drift past without affecting me.
And if an earthquake dammed me up, I’d cut a different trace,
Enjoying cool earth ‘neath my bed, and warm sun on my face.

It comforts me to know someday I may be all these things.
I’ll take returning to the earth over angel’s wings.
So when this world distresses me with its hectic pace,
I think of cool earth ‘neath my feet, and warm sun on my face.