Dennis the Nomad

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A sudden breeze disturbs my ease as I doze in my chair.
Did my mind slip?  Was that a nip of Autumn in the air?
Nah, surely my imagination’s playing tricks on me.
But, Hell!  Is that a yellow leaf there on my favorite tree?

For three months now I’ve lazed around in blessed entropy;
Enjoyed great weather; got together with my family.
I reminisce in idle bliss, believing life is fine,
When once again that chilly wind sends shivers down my spine!

So now it seems my hazy dreams are coming to a close;
It won’t be long ‘til Summer’s song gives way to Winter’s blows.
The days are getting shorter and the nights are growing cool.
Instead of playing in their yards, the kids are all in school.
The squirrels gather acorns to prepare their winter menus;
The birds join flocks and with great squawks head South to warmer venues.

So, too, must I consider my departure from my home;
My laziness can’t long suppress my growing urge to roam.
This tug of war torments me; should I stay or should I go?
I’d better make my mind up ‘fore I’m buried in the snow!