Dennis the Nomad

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CB and Randy, oh, what a team!
Two people so different, yet sharing one dream.
The one of a technical, musical kind,
The other of more philosophical mind.

The one's superego just cannot be hid,
While the other exhibits the consummate id!
At first glance, you'd think they'd be water and oil:
Just throw them together and watch the pot boil!

Yet the deeper you dig, the more you can see
That on so many levels they chance to agree!
Whether driven by intellect or by emotion,
They often arrive at the very same notion!

This Camp, for example, of Music and Mind:
Who else would have figured how well they combined?
The seed of a vision in one man's brain
Has been shaped with his friend to a runaway train!

But how to succinctly describe their connection?
What one word could sum them both up with perfection?
After racking my brain, I hit upon this one:
CB has character... and Randy is one!