Dennis the Nomad

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Needy People

When I talk about needy, I don't mean the greedy,
Who never give back what's conceded,
Those people are hideous, but far more insidious
Are the people who need to be needed.

I'll be goin' down the road just a-bearin' my load
When suddenly comes some intruder.
This well-meaning whelp'll say, "Here, let me help!"
Now could anything ever be ruder?!

"I'm fine, can't you see?  Go on, lemme be!"
I tell him with open defiance.
I'd like to comply, but his price is too high:
He'd be taking my self-reliance!

Then that impudent squirt has the nerve to look hurt
Just because I refused his attendance.
Well, maybe he'll learn that some of us yearn
To preserve our beloved independence!

But that hang-dog look is just too much to brook
So I reckon I'll make this guy's day:
"Ok, fine, you can take it, but mind you don't break it!"
But I swear that I will make him pay!

The next time he's rattled by life's daily battle,
I'll jump in and help him unasked.
I'll see that he makes it and see how *he* takes it
When somebody eases *his* task!