Dennis the Nomad

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Peel an onion, strip it back
And peer beneath the skin.
You never know just what you'll find,
So peel and peel again.

Relationships are onions,
First we only see the crust.
But as we peel the layers off,
We gradually find trust.

We start out knowing nothing:
Everyone's an empty slate;
But through our conversation
We find ways we can relate.

Eventually we reach a point
Of knowing just enough
To enjoy each other's company
Without just talking fluff.

But as you're peeling deeper
You must use a gentle touch,
Lest you wind up in the sorry plight
Of knowing far too much.

For each of us has demons
That torment us from the past,
And if you rupture the abyss
The friendship's over fast.

So peel an onion, strip it back
And peer beneath the skin,
But heed my plea: you can't unsee
The terrors deep within.