Dennis the Nomad

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To My Constant Companion

You wake me up with a whisper when it's time for our day to begin.
It seems like you always get up with the sun; Good Morning, my dear friend!
We go on a hike and you tug at my sleeve and then playfully knock off my hat.
I simply smile an indulgent smile, 'cause I know you're impulsive like that.

Then, when I'm sitting, reading a book, and I start to doze off in my chair,
You silently sneak up behind my back, and suddenly tickle my hair.
Then you disappear just as quickly, leaving me wondering where you went,
But in the heat of the afternoon, you're back with cool refreshment.

And later, as I bid goodnight to the sun and below the horizon it dips,
You show up again right in front of my face, and caress my cheeks and lips.

Sometimes you scream awfully loud, and other times you can be cold,
But I can't picture life without you at my side, from now until I grow old.
No climate-controlled box in the city for you and me, my friend;
I need to be here in the glory of Nature, where I can feel the wind.