Dennis the Nomad

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To Those Still in the Rat Race

I know you're all busy, running round in a tizzy,
And I don't want to disrupt your rushing,
But I'd like to extol something good for your soul:
It's the virtue of doing nothing.

See, I was like you, I was working hard, too,
Always straining at the bridle.
Then I woke with a jerk: "Life is more than just work!"
And I learned to enjoy being idle.

Now I know what you'll say: "You're just wasting away!
All your talents are left unproductive!
Ya gotta compete or you'll be obsolete,
So get out there, do something constructive!"

When I hear your decree, I'm inclined to agree;
Your admonishment stings like a slap.
"Am I really a shirk? Should I go back to work?"
Then I realize it's time for my nap.

So go on, call me lazy, or tell me I'm crazy,
There's just one excuse that I'll give ya:
By doing much less, I eliminate stress,
So I'm betting I'll prob'ly outlive ya!